ESTIA 10kVA to 60kVA

ESTIA 10kVA to 60kVA
3 Phase In - 3 Phase Out / 10 - 60 kVA


- On-Line ‘’Double Conversion’’ technology
- IGBT Rectifier & Inverter
- Real DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Controlled Processor
- High Input Power Factor (PFC > 0.99)
- High Efficiency
- Low Input Current Harmonics (THDi < 3%)
- Low Output Voltage Harmonics (THDv < 1.5%)
- Easy-use LCD Display
- Energy Saving Mode (ECO Mode)
- Cold Start
- Wide Frequency and Voltage Range
- Smart Battery Management Software & Deep Discharge Protection
- Automatic Battery Test Feature
- Adjustable Battery Quantity
- External Battery Support for Long Backup time (External Battery Version)
- Battery Recharge Support with High Current (up to 9A)
- Standard built-in Static and Manual Bypass
- Short circuit and Overload Protection
- Built-in Back Feed Protection
- Temperature Controlled Smart Fan Speed Regulation
- Frequency Converter Operation Mode Selection
- Generator Compatible Operation
- Advanced Event Records
- Statistical Daily Data Records
- Broad Communication Option
Standard: RS-232, USB, EPO, GENSET, STS Sync
Optional: SNMP, Relay Card, Modbus
- Two Years Full Warranty in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE standards
- İNFORM 7/24 Technical Support and Customer Services


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