Inform, which has established international connections and enjoys the lead position in the domestic market, gives importance to the implementation of modern Human Resources applications.

Our objective is to recruit the best and the brightest individuals, train them to the highest standards and help them to develop their skills. To achieve this, we offer our staff best opportunities and the highest level of work satisfaction.
In order to attain best results we aim to implement Human Resources programs, which are in accordance with international standards and are accepted by our employees.

WORKING for Inform

Our company needs managers and employees with high performance to reach its goals, to secure and improve our excellent position at continuously changing competitive environment where there is easy access to information. Thus we look at our employees as our most valued resources that should be trained in a parallel way to our company's development.

Our main objective is to perform a modern concept that enables our employees to develop themselves utmost and to support them conduce to the company's success.

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