Forte 10kVA to 250kVA

Forte 10kVA to 250kVA
3 Phase In – 3 Phase Out / 10kVA – 250kVA
3 Phase In – 1 Phase Out / 10kVA – 40kVA

- 3 Level IGBT Rectifier & Inverter Technology
- Real Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled transformerless design
- High Output Power Factor (PF:1, kVA=kW)
- Increased AC-AC Efficiency (up to 96.5%)
- Unity Input Power Factor (PF: > 0.99)
- Low Input Current THD (<3%)
- Low Output Voltage THD (<2%)
- Wide input voltage range
- Built-in Static & Manual Bypass
- Soft Start Feature
- Parallel connection availability up to 8 units
- Adjustable Battery Qty with optional DC-DC
Charger/Booster at 10-15-20kVA Compact version
- Intelligent battery management system extends the life time of batteries
- Colorful Graphical Multi-Functional TouchScreen LCD Panel
- Event Log Display up to 500 Events
- Advanced communication possibility via RS232
- MODBUS connection through RS 485
- Generator Port for Generator Friendly Operation
- EPO Port for Emergency Power Off
- 50/60Hz Frequency Converter Operation Mode (Adjustable from LCD Panel)
- Management and monitoring software available for all operating systems
- Communication with computers and network systems through Optional SNMP
- Optional Programmable 4pcs Relays for dry contact signals
- Compact dimension

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