Info-STS (3 Phase)

Info-STS (3 Phase)
Info-STS (3 Phase)
3 Phase + Neutral In - 3 Phase + Neutral Out / 50 - 600A

- Increased power quality
- Easy monitoring all parameters on LCD display
- Fast microcontroller (32 mips)
- Power blackout protection
- Automatic static switching
- Remote monitoring of input power sources
- Easy static and mechanical transfer between separate input sources
- Remote management of power events
- Power event logging
- Advanced RS232 communication features
- DRY contact alarm interface
- Password protected login system from remote site (time Access)
- Easy front access to all components inside of the STS
- Second protection cover on live circuits which prevents electrical shock
- Input sources protected by fuses
- 3 positioned Maintenance bypass switch which prevents cross currents between input sources
- User adjustable parameters by entering a password.
- Built in real time clock.
- Alarm history (with date and time)
- Automatic transfer test from a remote site or using front panel
- Front panel Lamp test
- External emergency shutdown (EPO) input
- Hot plug construction during maintenance bypass
- High current output tolerance up to 1000%
- Temperature sensor inside the Cabinet
- Fast voltage black-out circuit
- Input phase balance and phase sequence fault detect circuit
- Adjustable Input source frequency lower/upper limits

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