Local And Central Alarm Panels

Local And Central Alarm Panels

Local Alarm Panels are units that display all the data and alarms of the panel by installing them in the area fed by the isolation panel. From local alarm panels; You can monitor Isolation resistance level and its alarm, Current drawn value and its alarm, Transformer temperature and its alarm, Line-based alarm information from error detection system, Line feeding information, Line1, Line2 and Output voltage information. The whole system communicates with each other via Mod-Bus. The central monitoring panel is used to display the information of all panels in the same group from a single point. It is generally located in the technical staff room.
IEC 60364-7-710

- Ability to operate as a local or central alarm panel
- Monitoring up to 16 boards
- Isolation level monitoring
- Current level monitoring
- Temperature monitoring
- Source monitoring
- Line-based error monitoring
- LCD graphic display
- Audible and visual alarm
- Data export with MODBUS and IPtly.

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