Isolation Power Systems With Transfer Unit And Isolation Error Detection System

Isolation power panels with transfer units are designed with double source inputs. The transfer unit monitors the priority selected source continuously and directs the output to the 2nd source in cases such as power cuts and voltage out of the set values. In case the priority source returns to nominal values, the output continues to be operated from the 1st source again.

In addition to isolation power panels with transfer units, a line monitoring system is included. All output lines are monitored separately via torodial current transformers. Isolation leakage is detected on a line basis. Due to the 6 toroidal current transformers, the panels are produced with 12, 18 and 24 lines.

- Patient and doctor life safety
- Automatic transfer changeover system
- Transfer time under 100ms
- 10 kVA isolation power transformer
- Isolation monitoring device
- Error detection system
- Line-based isolation leakage monitoring
- LCD screen
- 12/18/24 pcs 2x16A B type line output
- 0-43A load current
- Transformer temperature value tracking
- Load current monitoring
- Remote monitoring with local and central alarm panels
- Multi-device communication possibility
- RS485 Mod-Bus / TCP-IP Mod-Bus communication

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